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Well Hello There, Yes You, So Nice To Finally Meet You!!!

Scott Campbell is the extrovert CEO, Founder, Janitor/toilet fixer, head coffee maker and lifestyle Artist for the fun at heart. The View From Scott's Office SC photography, is a professional photography studio located in Southwest and South Central Montana catering to fun, carefree and adventurous families. A self driven entrepreneur, Scott loves his family, sometimes his dogs, blogging, drinking coffee, photographing all things to do with families such as engagements, moms to be, seniors etc, photographing the local sporting events, landscapes and did I mention coffee.

Scott's clients receive the utmost care and professionalism that is above and beyond his competitors ( just ask the clients/friends who he shoveled snow for so they didn't have to walk through the drifts). His motto is come as a client leave as a lifelong friend. 

Scott's sets fairly realistic goals for himself, he simply wants to take over the world, well at least the photography world. 

So the next time you're looking for a photographer please consider Scott. It would be his honor to be able to tell your amazing story in pictures. 

He would also like you to remember, when nothing goes right, go left. 












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