A Blog About Nothing

So everything I have read about photography says if you want to stay relevant and gain popularity you need to blog. Great, isn't that what we all want. I want to be relevant, I want my images to be popular, I want to be popular. I think we all try to be relevant to some extent, but that's for another blog. First and foremost thank you Google for pointing out the fact that I was irrelevant. Just a no body who took pictures and posted them on the web.

Ok so let's do this blogging thing. Find a host site, check. Thank you Squarespace. Get your page up and running just the way you want it, check. Again thank you Squarespace for making this page somewhat easy to set up. I only struggled for a short time.  Now I'm ready to post my first blog.

They say you should blog at least twice a week. I don't know who THEY are but for some reason I feel THEY know what THEY are talking about so I will listen. The sarcasm is strong with this one Obi Wan.

So here I sit ready to post my first blog to the world. But wait. Just what in the Sam hell am I supposed to write about. Should I actually write about photography? There are probably millions of photography blogs. How is that going to help me get noticed?

Should I write about training for my first half marathon and how far I have come and how I've already run two shorter races this year? Well maybe. Someone might read that. It's inspirational to me anyway. But why read about me when you can go to Runners World and hear from the best of the best. And believe me I am far from the best of the best. But I try. They will teach you how to become relevant in the running world.

Do I write about my travels around the state? I can. If you want to hear how rainy and muddy it was for me this week. But who really wants to hear about that. Oh ya THEY said my blogs needed to be positive as well so no negativity. So that rules out blogging about this weeks travels even though the project I was on turned out great. Hold on while I give myself a pat on the back....

Do I write about my family? Maybe a little. But in today's society do you really want a bunch of personal information out there floating around cyberspace. The least we can do is try to make it hard for the bad guys to steal our identities. I can write about my furry children. Jacob our King Charles which is my daughters dog and Ted the Shih Tzu my wife's.Trust me no one is going to want to steal them or their identities. But at least after coming from the groomers today they smell good. I myself am more of a mid to large sized dog guy. But if I'm being completely honest I do love the little turds. We had to put my dog Chance down last year. He was big, strong and self cleaning. He shed like no other animal on earth I swear. Whoops the blog police are going to come after me. That was kind of sad. Well I guess THEY never said anything about sad just not negative so maybe I'm safe.

I guess what it boils down to is I'm going to write whatever the heck I feel like writing. And THEY, the blog police can go to H E double toothpicks for all I care. Each blog will probably surprise me as much as it will surprise you. So as I sit and ponder about what to write I realize that I have my first blog written.  I have basically written a blog about nothing. This must be what the writers of Seinfeld did on a weekly basis. Who knows maybe next week's blog will be about a puffy shirt or being the master of my own domain.  I guess we will all have to wait and see.  Bye ya'll.