The One Where I Almost Stole The Dog

Well now that the jr high and high school sports have slowed down for a minute I finally have a chance to post one of my favorite shoots to date.

I received a message in late fall as the last of the leaves were falling, the days were getting shorter and quite a bit colder. The message stated that this family had not had pictures taken in a while and wanted some fall pictures with the changing colors. Looking around the landscape after reading this I was concerned, was I going to be able to find a suitable place. Most of the leaves had went from a beautiful yellow and orange to brown. But none the less I was excited to have the opportunity to shoot this beautiful family. 

We started planning in late October but time conflicts kept pushing the date farther and farther back. Now I was even more concerned about the surroundings, but then I remembered the most important ingredient in portrait photography, the people being photographed. I have seen gorgeous photographs of people standing in front of degraded brick walls and dilapidated buildings. I knew it was all going to be ok I would just let my artistic side take over. 

The day finally arrived in mid November. As my beautiful assistant and I pulled up in front of the family's home I couldn't have been more happy with the surroundings. There were trees, mountains, out buildings, corrals and animals. I couldn't have asked for a better canvas to paint this family on and as a bonus they had several dogs one of which was a puppy named Diesel, which as you will see made one of the pictures. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a dog lover and I took to this friendly pup right away. I even volunteered (begged)to take him home. 

As the shoot progressed it was obvious even the animals wanted to get involved. The dogs jumped in the horses did their best to get in the pics and so did the cows and I did my best to smuggle Diesel home but they kept catching me. 

We finished off the afternoon on an old bridge with a beautiful backdrop and the kids were really getting into it. Their shyness long gone I got pose after pose until their cheeks hurt. I couldn't have asked for a better day and I'm glad we finally did the shoot when we did because the following week the snow started flying. I only hope the family had as much fun as I did and will enjoy their images for a lifetime. Thank you Griffin's