Huntley Project Part Deux

Hello sports fans. It was another long and fun filled day on the courts of the Huntley Project school. Play started at 8 am and we finally left the building about 7:15 pm. As you can imagine after such a long day I had hundreds of pictures to go through to select my favorites and these are the ones to make the cut. 

I want to start off by apologizing. I hear comments sometimes that I didn't get a picture of this person or that or I didn't take enough pictures of certain people. I am sorry, this truly makes me feel bad because I honestly do the best I can, no one is left out intentionally. I also want to point out that unless someone purchases an image from me I do this as a gift for the students and their families. Again I apologize.

You may notice in the first few picture the team colors aren't what you are used to seeing, but non the less these girls are Scouts through and through. They are the twin girls of some good friends of mine in Bridger who happen to play for the Montana Juniors out of Billings. Usually they are playing in different tournaments but this weekend I was fortunate enough to get a chance to snap a few images of these talented young athletes. Great playing this weekend ladies, I look forward to watching you play again. 

Now on to your Hoooome Toooowwwnnn BRIDGER SCOUTS. Sorry that was me trying to sound like an announcer. Let's get ready to ruuummmmbbbblle, and rumble they did. They fought and clawed all the way to second place in the gold bracket. It's is always a treat to watch these athletes play but after a few of these games I think a few of us parents had ulcers and no finger nails left. 

I want to congratulate all the Bridger volleyball teams for games well played this weekend. The 12's won the Silver bracket, the 16's won the silver and as I've said the 14's took 2nd in the gold. A great weekend for all involved. Heaven help their competition in the future, our talent pool is deep.   

Next up for me and my camera is the track meet Wednesday in Laurel. Normally they don't let parents down on the field but I'm going to sneak down and see if I can't get some good shots before they kick me out. Maybe Mr Goltz needs to get me a press pass ha ha. 

Until then always remember and never forget, the ones who say "you can't" and "you won't" are probably the ones scared that "you will".

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