The Faces And Cars Of Red Lodge

Welcome to the third installment of my faces series. This time I was wandering around  Red Lodge on both Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Honestly I didn't even know this show was going on until we drove through town on Friday.  But those of you who know me know how excited I was when I discover this shooting opportunity.

Jackie had an appointment in town, so I grabbed my camera out of the back seat and before she had a chance to come to a full stop I was out the door. I mean seriously, the town was packed and the cars were incredible, it just doesn't get much better. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting a few of the owners and they were kind enough to let me shoot them by their cars or trucks. One guy I want to give a shout out to is my new friend Henry Solesbee from North, Carolina. Henry is the older gentleman standing by the red and white Vette. He was a great guy and we visited for about 15 minutes about his car which was exactly like the one he is standing by, it was back home in NC, and the many years he has come to Montana fishing.  

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Until Next time, I'll be out shooting something.