Mystery Solved: What Happens When The Camera Stops Clicking

In this finale of my three-part what to expect series, we'll dive into what happens when the camera stops clicking.

This is for those curious minded people who want to know what takes place when the session is over and for those who think that photography ends with the camera. What a lot of people don't realize about photographers is that we are expected to be a plastic surgeon, a historian, a comedian, a computer programmer, a magician, a mathematician, a social media guru, a hunter, a therapist and a master of light just to take pictures. Taking the pictures is the easy part, now the work begins.

Now I can only speak for myself and my workflow following a session but I assume it's pretty much the same for most photographers. 

So me being me, OCD type of person I am, the most important thing for me to do after the session is to get back home and download all of those images off of my camera and on to a hard drive. I can't get them back up fast enough for fear of something happening to all those images and them being lost forever.  Because of the OCD and it's just a smart practice, I have two SD cards that during the session are capturing the same images in case one of the cards becomes corrupt and for the same reason, I have two external hard drives. One drive holds the images for safe keeping and the other drive I work from.                                                           

 Now that I feel secure that the images are safe I put away the extra hard drive and start my image import into Lightroom. Once in Lightroom, I start the first round of culling. With this first round, I will go through each image and remove the ones I don't like because of people blinking, squinting, talking, dust on the lens, so forth and so on. This process can take awhile since I normally shoot 600 to 700 images per session. When round one is over I'll start round two and pick my favorites or five-star images that will get a full edit. Round three will be rating the leftover images between 4 and 1 to decide which images will get a partial edit, ratings 3 and 4 will usually be in this partial edit category 1's and 2's will never be seen by anyone but me. With three rounds down and feeling like I've actually gone three rounds in the ring I have the 700 images down to a manageable number. As the bell chimes, it's back in the ring for round four, the edit.

When I begin editing an image it looks a lot like this. 


After a few adjustmets in Lightroom it looks like this and it's off to Photoshop.


With a few tweaks in Photoshop, ( not giving away trade secrets here ) I send it back into Lightroom to finish it up and your images go from looking like picture one to this.

Krista (2 of 4).jpg

This will be the process I take with all the five-star images. Quite a few hours can go into this process as some images can take ten minutes while others can take over an hour. When I have everything edited I have them proofed by my gorgeous assistant, you met her in part two of this series. If not here is a link for you to go back to one and two and catch up. What To Expect When You're Expecting A Photo Session and What To Expect During Your Session

When I have everything edited, looking exactly how I want and the ok from the boss I build your personal web page and upload a low-resolution image for you to view. 

Without having gone into too much technical detail you have a good overview of what goes into a photography session from prepping to a finished viewable image and that's all folks. 

As I have said before this blog is going to be about more than photography. My other passions aside from my family ( they would kill me if I wrote about them ) include but are not limited too,  fitness especially running, art, literature, and movies. What I would like is some help from all you kind people. What topics are you interested in and what would you like to read about on my page? As well as learning what you would like to read please feel free to comment on anything in my blogs you would like to discuss or have questions about.Thank you in advance for your input. 

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I hope to hear from you, until next week,