They Played With Heart

This past weekend I had the pleasure of watch the Bridger Scout girls volleyball team compete in the Class C State Volleyball tournament.

They lost the first night against Simms and over the next two days worked their way up to the championship game after beating Plentywood, Ennis, Manhattan. on the final day they had to play Simms again who like us had one loss against Belt. After a hard fought battle we defeated them and moved on to Belt. The kicker here is Belt had no losses so we had to play them twice. The girls tired as they were pulled together and beat them 3 games to 1. With only a half hour break they started They started match 2. You could see the exhaustion on their faces as they started but they still managed to take it to five games and lost the 5th 15 to 12.

This team showed so much heart and determination that even though they placed second in the state they are number one in my book and honestly if you look at the numbers of win vs losses to Belt they really are number one. They played Belt a total of 9 games and beat them 5 out of nine.

Now I thought long and hard about what pictures to show you from the tourney and came to the conclusion that this post for the most part was going to be about expression.

I could show all the digs and spikes but those pics are a dime a dozen and if you really want to see them they are posted on my Scout Pride FaceBook page. This post is going to be all about what happens after those digs and spikes and the reactions of the fans and the team. So sit back and enjoy and have a great week.