This post has been a long time coming. As we all know once the holidays hit things turn upside down, sideways and get a little crazy to say the least. Just a heads of for the two of you that read this haha, this will be my last blog until after the new year. Along with the holidays my family and I are taking a trip to Italy, so my priorities are going to be elsewhere, but enough about me.

Say hello to Tristan. I can honestly say this was my coldest session to date. It may look like a beautiful day but don’t let the sunshine fool you it was bitter cold thanks to the wind. To say Tristan was a trooper is an understatement, it honestly got to the point on a couple of occasions where my fingers didn’t work to press the focus or shutter buttons. All I can say is thank heavens he brought a change of shirts so I could warm my hands up a bit.

As cold as I was it didn’t seem to bother him at all, this kid is Montana strong. Even though it was freezing we all still had a good time and had a few good laughs at all the barn cats that wanted to be in the pictures. One in particular followed us from location to location and for fun I took a couple shots of Tristan and the photobombing cat. So here is a sneak peek of Tristin minus the cat, enjoy and I’ll see both of you back here next year. ; )