Hello all, I was going to do a blog about the top ten dumbest infomercial products last week but I was lazy and laid up after having my knee operation. That one is still going to be done, but on the plus side, I got to binge watch a few new shows on Netflix and Amazon that I have been wanting to see and a couple of them were worth vegging out and staring at the tv screen for 8 to 10 hours at a time. If anyone gets a chance to watch Altered Carbon on Netflix and Absentia and Britannia on Amazon you should take it. 

 This week I want to share a recent maternity session. Let me start out by saying I think all of us would have rather had this session in warmer weather but all in all it really wasn't too bad. As you can probably see in the picture below the sun was shining and there was just a slight breeze. We thought we were going to get lucky and for the most part, we did. 

Michelle -28.jpg

I'm really glad this expectant couple choose this place to do the pictures. They had an old homestead on site and if you are at all familiar with my landscape photography you know I love old homes. So I tried to use it as a backdrop for several of the images.


I really liked the old wagon frame they had as well. There is just something fun and intriguing about how those that came before us lived.  I love the picture below and how it represents the generations of this family. The generation that homesteaded and worked this land with the old wagon, the expectant couple who now work the land and the new generation about to enter the world. 


After about 45 minutes of shooting the wind became stronger, a big shocker in this neck of the woods. The only time the wind doesn't blow around here is in the middle of July when it's hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalks and you would pay money for a slight breeze. So I asked if I could get a few more shots in as I could tell my models were getting cold. Truth be told my wife told me my models were getting cold because once I get in the zone I would stay out there all day shooting cold or not. I'm glad she is always there to lend a hand and tell me when to wrap it up before the people I'm shooting shoot me.


So after making the mother to be suffer through a few more shots we wrapped it up and called it a day. 

I want to thank this beautiful couple for a great session and allowing me to photograph them at this special time in their lives. It was an honor. Now I can't wait to meet and capture the little one in all her preciousness for them to remember forever. 

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