Why People Are Getting Addicted To Scott Campbell Photography, The Wickens Session

It was a cold and stormy night, well actually it was a cold and stormy day. Which in this case is exactly what I was hoping for. When you're planning a winter shoot, of course, you want some snow on the ground and a gentle snow falling. Although Montana rarely disappoints in the snow department there were a couple times while I was shoveling the drifts so that I could get the right angle or so the family didn't have to walk through knee-high snow or in the case of the little one waist high I was rethinking this whole winter thing. Just kidding I loved every minute of it. 

I was actually a little concerned when Randi contacted me and said the weather towards Red Lodge didn't look so great and as we were driving South from Bridger I would have to agree, it really did look stormy. Cresting the Bear Creek Hill we could see that the storm had surrounded Red Lodge but wasn't at all bad where we were going to be shooting. So after meeting at our designated spot, I had the family follow me to the location. 

After shooting a couple of test shots of Travis and the family slowly getting them loosened up I could see that he Travis really wanted to have his cowboy hat on, which was fine by me I have yet to shoot anyone in a cowboy hat so who am I to pass up such an opportunity. So on went the hat and we got back to shooting in ernest. 

Wickens (3 of 20).jpg

I just loved the backdrop for this family. Their button-down shirts and western attire really worked well with the surroundings. We had a lot of fun with this location and I even had the kids making silly faces at me but those are for the families eyes only. ; )

Wickens (9 of 20).jpg

These guys were a lot of fun and willing to try anything I had in mind, I could have spent all day out there with them. They were my ideal client, fun, adventurous, silly and just down right nice people and I think it shows in all their images. 

Wickens (13 of 20).jpg

Seriously how good do these two look together? When I said it was a dark and stormy day as you can see by this picture I wasn't kidding, and yes, I made these brave souls stand there and pose in this weather. When it comes to my images I will go to just about any lengths to get the shot, besides when I'm shooting I'm not paying much attention to the elements I'm having too much fun. 

Wickens (104 of 6).jpg

This was the last picture I took from the session. As I said before I didn't even realize it was cold until my wife said, " um hon, that baby is freezing let's wrap it up", The moment I looked into those eyes I actually felt bad, the poor thing was pretty cold so I decided we had better call it a day. 

What a great time the wife and I had and I believe they had as much fun as we did. If I were to show you the behind the scenes footage, with all the laughing and giggling, you would be able to see how much fun we were having.  We talked about doing Spring or Fall pictures as well so check back and you might just see this beautiful family again. 

Thank you Travis and Randi for choosing me to capture these moments for you. 

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Photographer,


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