In Case You Were Dying To Know How I Prepare For A Photo Session Here You Go

Your photo session starts the very second you contact me. Whether by phone, FaceBook or my Website this initial contact is probably one of the most important parts of your session. When we meet we will discuss everything you have in mind and I have several key questions to help me get to know you and what you expect. Questions like:

1.    What is the emotion, feeling or vibe you want to portray in these images? Is it fun, playful, mysterious, cute, serious etc...?

2.    What is the main purpose for choosing me as a photographer? What do you like about my images

3.    What do you want to stay away from? Are there any clichés or things you are sick of seeing?

4.    Is there anything you want to make sure we capture during your session?

So forth and so on. Once I have all the information I need and I'm satisfied I know what your looking for the next step is picking the perfect location for your shoot. 

From our client consultation, I have a clear vision of what you are looking for as a back-drop. The sooner we have our meeting the longer I have to find the right spot or in most cases serval spots. the last session I did was all in the same area but it was spread out for about a half mile from where we started to where we finished.

We have had our consultation, and I've picked the perfect location also if necessary I've bought some props, now it's hurry up and wait until the night before our session. 

The night before the session is extremely important for the success of the shoot. It's equipment check time. If things aren't working properly there won't be a session. This is where I charge my batteries, clean my lenses, check my settings and that the camera is functioning without any glitches and I make sure I have all my camera and lighting gear ready.

If I'm bringing props this is the time I will lay them all out and make sure everything is in good repair, ironed, lint-free,  clean etc. 

When everything else is done it's time to go over the plan for the next day with my wife Jackie who has been an invaluable help with these sessions. We go over pictures of the location where I plan to shoot, poses I want to use and she gives me her input to help keep the flow of the session going smoothly.  As you have probably read before she also tells me when it's time to wrap it up or I would be out there shooting all day. 

When this is all said and done the butterflies set in and my excitement for the session builds. It's not unusual for me to lose a little sleep as I go over the shoot in my head. This is one of the only times in my life where my OCD actually helps with the success of the session. 

Now it's time for the session and that's a whole other story. Have a great week all.

Your friendly neighborhood photographer,



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