Two Heads Of The Same Snake

So I was in the process of writing and researching The Year Was 1985 if you have been following along you will recognize this as a continuation of the blogs I have been doing. These blogs take a lot of time and effort to put together. I usually start on Sunday night after my 240-mile weekly commute and finish Tuesday or Wednesday after work. Well last night I got on-line to finish and it was gone. I don't know how or why but the blog was gone. So being that it was late and I didn't have the heart or time to start over I decide this week I will share another writer's blog.

This article is from a writer with the screen name Mandireiserra and covers a topic near and dear to most of our hearts, and covers it quite well, it's titled "A brief history of the two-headed snake called American Government"

Every day on social media and the news we see the same arguments. Dems are evil, Reps are evil, but what if I told you they are both evil and conspiring against us. Are we getting into tinfoil hat territory, I don't think so. There is so much deep state antics going on behind our backs if we knew half of it our heads would spin. Don't take my word for it read the article and do your own research. I try not to get into politics much because it is so disheartening what is happening to us and our country it makes me both very angry and very sad, but I don't bury my head in the sand either. God help us if we all came together and realized we have more in common with each other then our government would have us believe. One thing is for sure something needs to change in our political system, it really isn't the Democrat party or the Republican party anymore it's the Corporate money party. Here's the link to the article, and make sure to watch the video it explains a lot enjoy.

Let me know what you think. Do you like articles like this and would you like to see more when I don't have a photo session to post? Or do you like The Year Was blogs better? I'm open to suggestions, I'm here for your entertainment so tell me what you would like to see Oh and please subcribe, thanks. Have a great rest of your week all. 

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