Monochrome Montana EP. 1 Havre

Hello all,

Let me start with a little plug. I’m an Amazon associate and if you purchase anything from Amazon through my site I get a teenie tiny kick back. With that said if you’re going to purchase something I would appreciate it if you would do it through me. Just let me know in a text or email what you’re looking for and I’ll add it to my site. Thanks in advance, now on to this weeks new project, Monochrome Montana (Thank you to all who helped me name this project and all of you that responded).

I love black and white photography so I thought ( yes it was painful) as my job takes me all over the state why not document what I see in B&W, everyone photographs this beautiful state in color so why not be a little different and original.

Last week I was working in the Havre area venturing into Big Sandy and Kremlin. Here are a few of the views from my office.

Enjoy the images, and hopefully I will show you a part of the state you have never seen and in a way you will never see it. Comments welcome. Until next week this is your friendly neighborhood photographer signing off. Have a great week.


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