Mr. Mitzel

To see this guy coming at you can be intimidating. I’ve had a good time watching him from the sidelines and on the court over the last few years, I sure feel sorry for the guys that go up against him under the basket or standing across from him on the line. After meeting him though you realize pretty quickly that you’re dealing with a very kind, polite and mild mannered young man. I bet some of the guys he left laying on the football field may disagree.

This session was a long time in the making. We planned on a fall session but with everyone being busy and then the holidays it ended up being a winter session. Winter or not it still turned out to be a great session and the weather even cooperated for once.

I want to thank the Mitzel’s for choosing me to capture this time in their son’s life and thank you Jake for being a great subject to photograph on an off the court and field and tolerating me and my camera for the past several years.

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