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Staying fit over 50

A little known fact, before I started this photography website I had a Wordpress blog dedicated to fitness journey my running adventures. It was actually starting to gain a following and to tell the truth I kinda miss it.

So as any of you who have read my blogs can tell I like to write on many varied topics but I never went back to one of my biggest passions in life, my pursuit of fitness and longevity hacks.

Since I travel so much I have a lot of spare time on my hands. Time that I spend reading articles and listening to podcasts. If I had to guess I’d say I’ve logged thousands of hours learning about running, lifting, nutrition and to use the term Dave Asprey coined Biohacking.

So with all that said I decided to start up my fitness blog again to fill in the space between photo sessions. What I hope to achieve is to spark discussions and questions from those of you that read this and want to know more and learn from my successes and failures. What I have found to work and what is complete horse shit, such as,

I would love to discuss and share any knowledge I have gathered over my many years of training, learning and experimenting with different techniques, strategies and supplements. I certainly don’t consider myself an expert nor do I hold any degrees but I think my years of experience count for something.

I thought I would start simply with a day in the life of my fitness journey.


5:55 am the alarm goes off. 6:04 the alarm goes off, 6:13 the alarm goes off 6:15 I get out of bed. I think this paints the picture well enough that I am sooooo not a morning person.

After completing two of the three s’s I take a cold shower just about as cold as I can stand. I’m hoping this fact stirs up some questions but I will cover why in another post. By 7:30 I’m dressed and making my buttered coffee. This is the only calories I will have until around 1 or 2 pm unless I’m forced to have a noon lunch like I was yesterday. The reason I don’t eat until one or two is because I give myself an eight hour window to eat, which is called intermittent fasting. There is a lot of debate whether the butter will kick you out of the fasting benefits but I believe it won’t because it has no effect on your insulin , but that is up for debate. I will also discuss fasting in another post but would love any questions you have.

7:45 I’m out the door and walking to work no matter the temp or weather. So by 7:45 I’ve had 32 oz of water and a cup of buttered coffee now I’m walking at a brisk pace and getting my metabolism kick up a notch for the day.

One or two pm it’s time to eat. I’m experimenting with a couple different products to see how they work and fit into my keto lifestyle. Without going into brand names the first is a MCT oil and butter coffee packet, the second is a keto meal bar (which is delicious and being delicious is very rare for a meal bar) and a fiber supplement.

meal bar.jpg


The reason I have added a fiber supplement is because with the keto lifestyle you don’t get a ton of fiber. You do get it from high fiber veggies but not enough and you need the fiber to help clear out the bad cholesterol from your body. We will go through the whole cholesterol lie in future posts as well.

By 3:30 I’m off work (in the winter only 5:30 in the summer) and I’m off to the gym where I focus mainly on compound movements and cardio work. I find that compound movements target all your major muscle groups and also limit your time in the gym. I’ve also minimized my cardio to help with my muscle growth and to help with my testosterone levels. These days I’m spending no more than 20 minutes on the treadmill. A typical workout looks something like this.


Run 15 min 1.75 miles 7.0 mph 


Incline 15x100 8x150 7x150 6x160

Bench 15x113 8x188 8x188 6x223

Dips  15xbw 8x10 lbs 8x10 lbs 6x210

Bar pullover 15x40 8x60 8x60 6x70

Hammer strength crunch 50lbs x 30

Yin yoga variable time

As you can see I finish off with yoga. I find yoga to be a must have addition for a healthy lifestyle. Yin is what I have been practicing lately..

Sometime between 7:00 and 8:00 pm I eat a keto (ancestral) friendly meal.

Without filling in all the other boring details of my day that about sums it up.

I hope this stirred up some questions and or concerns that you would like to talk about or debate. Don’t be shy, even though you do fit within the keto and paleo plan I will not bite. If you would like to debate something I would be more than happy to talk to you about whatever it is in a mature reasonable nature and will listen and value your opinion even though I may not agree. Please give me a like, give me a share , sign up for my email list so you won’t miss a post but most important participate in your own health journey I’d be happy to help you if I can.