The Year Was 1982

The Year Was 1982

Welcome to 1982, this was the year I let my hair grow out like Scott Baio and gave myself my first tattoo with a pin and non-toxic ink. What else happened in 82? I'm glad you asked. Jump into the Delorean and let's take a trip back in time.

In 1982 Doctors performed the first implant of a permanent heart, Michael Jackson releases Thriller, the very first CD player was sold in Japan, Time magazines man of the year was the computer, EPCOT Center opened and commercial Whaling was ended.

The median price of a home was $67,800, average income was $21,050.0, gas was $0.91 cents, a bag of cheese puffs was $0.89 cents and a GMC 1500 Pickup was $5,400.

The hot movies were, E.T., Rocky 3, Porky's, An Officer and a Gentleman and Poltergeist. On TV we watched, Magnum, P.I., Dynasty, Falcon Crest and Knight Rider

Now to make you feel really old, born this year was Kelly Clarkson and LeAnn Rimes.

Now for my favorite part, the Music. Here are my favorite songs in order from 1982. Enjoy

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The Year Was 1981

The year was 1981 and every boy wished he could have Jessie's girl. The space shuttle Columbia had it's first flight, the aids virus was identified, the word internet was first mentioned, MS Dos was released along with the first IBM PC and Prince Charles and Lady Di were married.

The Average yearly income was $21,050.00, the average cost of a new house was $78,200 and a gallon of gas cost $1.32.

On the television Luke married Laura on General Hospital, the cops on Hill Street Blues kept the streets safe and The Greatest American Hero flew across our screens, speaking of screens on the large screen was Raiders of the lost Arc, On Golden Pond and the Fox and the Hound. 

Now this should make you feel old if you don't already, Jennifer Tisdale, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake were born within this year and on the home front I was discovering more great music.

There is so much music from the 80's I love but I think last week I got a little carried away, so this week I cut my favorites to 10 to make it a bit easier to digest. So without further ado in order here is is my top ten list from 1981.

#10 Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play

The Alan Parsons Project consisted of the line up of several British rock bands and were active between 1975 and 1990. 

#9 Gino Vannelli - Living Inside

Gino is a Canadian singer-songwriter who had several hit songs from the 70's and 80's

#8 REO Speedwagon - Take It On The Run

An American band from Illinois, they were formed in 1967 (wow the band is 1 yr older than I am.) They had great success in the early to mid 80's. Their album Hi Infidelity had 4 top 40 hits in the US and sold 10 million copies. 

#7 Frankie and The Knockouts - Sweetheart

They were formed in my home state of New Jersey and the song sweetheart was their most popular even though they had 3 other top 40 singles. They wrote the original version of Hungry Eyes sung by Eric Carmen and won and Academy Award for the song The time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. 

#6 Pat Benatar - Treat Me Right

Patricia Mae Benatar, who most likely will show up a few more times on my lists, is a singer, a songwriter, an actress and 4 time Grammy Award winner. She has too many accolades to list so let's just enjoy her music. 

#5 Journey - Don't Stop Believing

In my opinion one of the best feel good songs ever. Tell me honestly you haven't sang along with this song when you have heard it on the radio. Formed in 1973 they had their greatest success between 1978 and 1987 again in my opinion thanks to Steve Perry. Journey had a successful reunion in the 1990's then later regrouped with a series of lead singers.

#4 Dan Folgelberg - Same Old Land Syne

A super talented composer and multi-instrumentalist he is best known for his hit songs Longer, Leader Of The Band and Same Old Lang Syne. 

#3 Greg Kihn Band - The Breakup Song

Started by frontman Greg Kihn, their most succesful songs were Jeopardy and The Breakup Song.

#2 Climax Blues Band - I Love You

The Climax Blues Band is a British band formed in 1967 in England by vocalist Colin Cooper. 

#1 Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl

Richard Lewis Springthorpe is an Austrailian singer, actor, songwriter and author better known as Rick Springfield. He was a member of the group Zoot from 69 to 71 then started his solo career. He went on to have 4 top ten hits and his two most popular albums are Working Class Dog and Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet. 

There you have it my favorite songs from 1981. Hey can you guess what next week's blog is going to be about yup you guessed it 1982. Until then have a great week and stay up to date by following one of my social links. See you in 1982, don't forget your Aqua Net.

Your favorite neighborhood photographer,


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The Year Was 1980

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